Tammy Puryicky

Tammy  Puryicky- Director of Communications and Marketing 

IMG_2475 TammyInstitution: The University of Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Country of Origin: USA

Background: Suspended within the waters of the Dead Sea, I was intrigued by how a solvent uninhabitable for aquatic life had equally been used as a pond for research, health and minerals for desert agriculture. Unknowingly, this unorthodox experience inspired me to face future challenges by enhancing basic elements like, water, into renewable feasible appliances. Throughout university, I’ve conducted projects around my interests. For instance, I used remote sensing to explore an environmental issue affecting Lake Baikal. I detected the effects of radon, traced mercury from coal ashes and linked the growth of algal blooms to the effects of nutrient runoffs; that correlate to the inadequate disposal of human toxicants. For leisure, I love to cook, learn Italian, travel and further my knowledge on alternative medicine. Being bilingual has deepened my cultural understanding of the world and has made me eager to create solidarity around sustainable living. I would like see my interests hybrid into an eco-friendly industry that issues safe manufacturing systems and policies to generate more positive externalities in its production. I hope to fulfill what I once envisioned at the Dead Sea by cultivating a generation that creates a common ground to promote service, vision and passion for what it does.

Statement of Interest:

I have opted to serve as NESSE’s Marketing and Communications Director because such role translates into creating a platform rooted in knowledge, ideation and innovation. Within today’s globalized world, challenges have become multifactorial across many sectors. Thus, through the use of media outlets, I intend to create an inviting virtual environment. Thus, aiming to broaden the individual’s conceptualization and perception of foreign matters, needs and their role in relation to it. Moreover, understanding the impacts of culture, as well as language, are barriers I plan to make points of focus to target a broader audience. My current research within environmental health science has made me conscious of the fact that there has been a loss of relationship between the environment that lives inside the person and the human possessing that environment. Hence, I wish to use this position as a means to cultivate a more informed public. More importantly, my goal is to inspire pioneer ways of thinking to prevent future lacks of forethought within the establishment, development and large-scale use of organic solvents. Additionally, partaking within events and working alongside the other board directors will enable me to keep viewers updated with the emergence of new forms of STEM. This is imperative as it will attract more young scientists. More importantly, it will convey the need for eclectic solutions that do not mirror old processes that do not account for the exposures and quantity of toxins altering the ecosystem.

Furthermore, to support the mission and aims of NESSE I plan to propose projects that involve working in junction with its partners; while affiliating the organization with other social media platforms. The usage of such platforms possess the potential of generating profit, which could later be allocated into other projects. To that extent, I will use my experiential knowledge within photography and graphic design to enhance the quality, aesthetics, content and outreach of the organization’s mission statement. Everything that I advertise will reflect NESSE’s interdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems and will purposely communicate different avenues for involvement. To further NESSE’s well-rounded way of sharing knowledge to the world; I will also use my professional background to explicate the effects that toxic metals and other manmade compounds cause to people and the environment. Doing so would trigger a greater awareness for how groundwater can be contaminated, the consequences of endocrine-disrupting compounds, the health effects caused by indirectly depleting Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and many other topics. Imitating some of the public health advances made within the use of communication technologies, such as eHealth notifications; I believe it would be beneficial to create something similar for NESSE. Accomplishing this goal would effectively notify the public about upcoming events, news and by the same coin generate a more rapid response.

Outside of my academic studies, I have worked with the local youth committee for the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). This has given me experience working behind the scenes as a social media activist on Facebook and Twitter. Once a month, I assemble with the IRT’s youth committee to pitch new ideas on organic living and to suggest new goals for the following month. In addition, we discuss the toxicology of in-store products and (GM) crops to detect their linkage to infirmities, contamination of water sources and impact on the ecosystem. Alternatively, we promote safer options like, BioKleen through digital activism. However, the greatest take away from my work at the IRT has been the interpersonal relationships that I have been able to cultivate from listening to people from all walks of life on their personal journey to optimal health, their policy concerns and desire to make a greener today for all future generations. This has also taught me to be cautious in becoming complacent with a single entity’s commercial interest and acclaimed expertise. I believe this form of reasoning can also be of use as a director of the board if elected. In regards to community service, I volunteered for four years at that Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). I was responsible for ensuring the freshness of the produce, fruits and vegetables prior to shipping each food package. As a GenUN representative, I also have experience analyzing issues of energy and climate by studying trends and performing research. I attend conferences to listen and to speak about legislation that contributes to global warming. One of which was a simulacrum of the Climate Change Conference held in Paris, where I represented Canada’s role in posing future sustainable ecological solutions. All of my former and current activities have instilled managerial, team building and communication skills that will mix well into NESSE’s work environment. All in all, I hope to present people with the concept of sustainable living as a safeguard for natural resources and as an essential way of thinking to promote conservation and a healthier lifestyle.