Green Reads: Banning the Plastic Water Bottle & Bottled Water Culture

Editor’s Note: Post Contributed by Sean Farrell, from Ghergic & Co.

They’re everywhere and they’re expected, by all of us, to have convenient hydration at our fingertips. But unfortunately, our culture has had too much dependence on the plastic water bottle. Those single-use plastics — we pick them up, drink from them, give them a toss — means that we’re quickly filling up our trash cans and our landfills, and those bottles are ending up in places we don’t want them to end up — including our oceans. In fact, U.S. consumers go through about 50 billion water bottles every year, and we only recycle about 23 percent of them. And speaking of those oceans, the plastic bottles that we don’t recycle end up there — in fact, about 32 percent of them. We could, of course, ban them, but we could also just start to reduce our usage of them. What would banning look like? This graphic explains this crucial issue in more depth.

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