Electing Director of Marketing & Communications

NESSE is electing a new executive board! The NESSE Executive Board is responsible for setting out the vision and priorities of the organization, developing new projects, and working closely with our partners to help all of our members. With the NESSE Board elections coming up, we asked 2015-2016 Communications and Marketing  Director, Natalie O’Neil, about her experience in being involved with NESSE.

Apply to stand for one of the NESSE Board positions by 25th June. Voting will be open for all early-career NESSE members from 28th June – 5th July.










What does the role of Communications Director involve?

I am responsible for all of NESSE’s online communications, this includes the blog, website and social media (facebook & twitter). I update our social media sites with events and content at least 3-4 times a week, daily when time and demand requires. During our #sustainablesuperhero campaign I was actively marketing NESSE to the wider world, with the goal of expanding our network on social media and beyond. Recruiting and editing for the blog is also a major component of this position, currently we have volunteers who are keen to help with these duties.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your involvement with NESSE?

Having to read and share content outside of my current research field has been really interesting and rewarding. As well as getting to watch our social media followers grow over the past year and learning how to fit vital information in a limited number of characters. I’ve also gotten to meet a lot of really cool people as well as be apart of an international focused on sustainable science! Being a NESSE board member is a great experience and will give you connections throughout the world.

How much time does this role take?

The Communications Director role is great because it’s extremely flexible. I generally need to put in between 2 and 10 hours a week to keep everything running smoothly, but I get to decide when to do that—a little bit in the evenings after dinner, or all at once on a Sunday afternoon, or any other time that suits me.

What are the most useful skills for a Communications Director?

Writing and editing are crucial as well as time management. Savvy social media skills would be helpful but this can also be learned on the go.  If you have the desire to share the great information that NESSE has to offer with as many early career scientists and engineers as possible and the community at large then this position is for you!

Apply to stand for one of the NESSE Board positions by 25th June. Voting will be open for all early-career NESSE members from 28th June – 8th July.

Questions about the Communications Director role? Feel free to e-mail communication@sustainablescientists.org.