Sustainable Industry: 5 Things You Should Stop Throwing Away

Editor’s Notes: Read what Jessica Kane, a professional blogger who writes for Econoheat., the world’s #1 leading waste oil heaters manufacturer believes we should stop throwing away.

5 Things You Should Stop Throwing Away

Many people who recycle believe they are doing all that they can to prevent unnecessary waste. Yet, unbeknownst to them, they still consign products and materials that could be repurposed to landfill while recycling materials that cost more to recycle than reuse.

If you throw away any of the following five things, it is time to stop and reconsider your options:


Food Bags

In the grocery bag recycling area at your local grocery store, you can also recycle certain types of food storage bags, including plastic bread and produce bags, dried fruit bags and sandwich bags. Look for the triple arrow recycling symbol on the bags. Keep in mind that, since food bags are reusable storage, you protect the environment more and prevent unnecessary waste from fossil fuel energy generation during recycling processes by reusing food bags whenever possible.Food Bags


Cling Wrap

Recycling centers typically do not take film-style plastic wrap. That said, you can still upcycle and reuse it after wiping food splatter off of the plastic. For example, place sheets of used cling wrap on surfaces to protect surfaces from spills when working with potted plants and soil. If you need to smooth the surface of plaster or caulk when performing a bit of home do-it-yourself repairs, wrap a fingertip with cling wrap instead of dirtying a whole glove.

Produce Mesh

Mesh bags and foam sleeves used to store or protect various types of produce are perfect for other home storage projects. For example, reuse mesh bags designed to carry tomatoes, potatoeRecycling
s and onions during the holidays to carry wrapped desserts and gifts. Foam sleeves from around pears, mangoes and other fruits are perfect for protecting your fingertips from cold canned and bottled beverages. You can also use them as packing materials to cushion fragile collectibles, glasses and plates when moving.

Wipes Canisters

Instead of purchasing plastic canisters for organizing, storing and dispensing various types of items, clean disinfectant wipes canisters when you empty them, decorate them to match your home decor and fill them with loose items. For example, these canisters work well as plastic bag dispensers because the top ring prevents you from pulling out more than one bag at a time. You can also use them to store craft supplies and disinfect combs and hairbrushes.

Towel Boxes

Cardboard boxes that hold stacked loose paper towels are also perfect for home storage. Instead of buying cardboard organization boxes, upcycle your empty paper towel ones. For example, use them in dresser drawers to organize underwear and socks. Also, prevent endless searches for specific craft tools like pencils, markers and paintbrushes by filling a paper towel box with vertical cardboard toilet paper rolls, separating and organizing the craft tools by tube.Tiolet Rolls

Almost every item that you throw away can be used elsewhere. Start out with these tips and then look with a different perspective at everything else you toss to reduce wastefulness.