NESSE News: Our New Logo!

We’re excited to announce today that we have a brand-new logo, courtesy of Tony Bova, a talented designer, chemist, and NESSE member! We started with the idea of a network conceptualized as gears, meshing and working together to create a bigger system, and Tony took the time to work with us and make it beautiful. NESSE combines great thinkers, sustainability, and science to move the world towards a better future, and we hope our new logo conveys that at a glance.


The new logo is just the first step on the road to great things for NESSE. Keep an eye out for a brand-new website currently under development, which will allow you to connect more directly with NESSE members in your area and easily access resources related to sustainable science. NESSE will also have members at the ISGC 2015, ACS GC&E, and Boston ACS National Meeting in the coming months, so come meet us in person there. Hope to see you soon!