NESSE News: NESSE’s Plans for the Year

Editor’s Note: Here’s NESSE’s founder and Executive Director, Jennie Dodson to share with us all of the exciting plans that NESSE has for the coming year.

This past year has been a rollercoaster for sustainable science and NESSE!

There was heady excitement and optimism with major international agreements on sustainable development and climate change, whilst NESSE has germinated from a small seed, has put down roots and is pushing through the soil to grow and flourish in the sunlight.

This coming year is one of going from big visions to real action. NESSE is uniquely placed to help achieve the vision of sustainable development – we are connecting scientists across disciplines around sustainability at the beginning of our careers. We are creating a new culture of doing science that is focused on positive outcomes for people and the planet using our collective skills and knowledge. We are engaging with society and demonstrating that an equitable, sustainable future is already being built.

So what have we got planned this year:

  • Our first major international workshop bringing together early-career researchers to discuss the role of Science for Sustainable Development will take place in London in December. We want this to be a template for other workshops around the world and we’re also partnering with international conferences. Would you like to run a whole workshop or host a NESSE booth or activity at a conference?
  • We are supporting new groups to grow at universities, in cities or in countries around the world. Do you want to bring together inspiring scientists across disciplines to discuss how we can solve the biggest challenges of our time? Then start a Sustainable Science Group.
  • We will be sharing more inspiration, from new research to career opportunities via our blogs, webinars and social media.
  • We are developing new ways to connect members around the world, from Randomised Coffee Trials to our soon-to-be launched new website.

This is only a small amount of what we want to achieve. We want to hear your ideas for other projects and activities we could be doing and support YOU to start your own projects.

On 1 November, from 6-7pm UTC for our first all members meeting to find out more about our plans and share your ideas. Sign-up via this link or read more about what we’ll be discussing at the meeting here.