Laura Hoch

Director of Sustainable Science Groups

LauraHoch2Name: Laura Hoch
Current Career Status: 5th Year PhD Student
Institution or Organisation Name: University of Toronto, Canada


I am in my 5th and final year of my PhD in Materials Chemistry. My research is focused on designing heterogeneous catalysts that can use sunlight energy to convert CO2 into fuels or chemical feedstocks that can replace petroleum products. I have been very involved in green chemistry and sustainability outreach. In 2012 I helped to start a green chemistry student group at my university to promote education and awareness about more sustainable lab practices. I also been very involved in NESSE, serving as both the Secretary (past position) and the Director of Sustainable Science Groups (current position). In my spare time, I like getting outside, playing soccer, rock climbing and hanging out in my balcony garden.

Aims and aspirations for role within NESSE

I have served as the NESSE Director of Sustainable Science Groups for the past year I have had a great experience working with and supporting NESSE Groups and setting our strategic goals and plans for the future. In the coming year, I look forward to expanding our efforts to support NESSE Groups though initiatives like the NESSE Short Course on Starting A Sustainable Science Group. I also want to work to facilitate better connection and interaction between NESSE groups though direct group-to-group mentorship, online interaction via social media, and simultaneous local/global events similar to Pint of Science.

In addition to my experience on the NESSE Executive Committee, I have also served as the Co-Chair of the University of Toronto Green Chemistry Initiative, a student group I helped to start in 2012. As Co-Chair I helped to coordinate between the over 25 GCI members who were running our various outreach and educational initiatives, such as a seminar series, weekly trivia events, and a yearly symposium on Green Chemistry.

I am really passionate about sustainability and green chemistry and I am honoured to be re-elected as the NESSE Director of Sustainable Science Group.