Julian Silverman

Finance Director

JulianName: Julian Silverman
Current Career Status: 4th Year PhD Student
Institution or Organisation Name: City College of New York, USA


Julian Silverman is a senior graduate student studying nanotechnology and sustainable materials at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan, conducting research at the Center for Discovery and Innovation at the City College of New York. His focus on developing sustainable functional soft matter for a variety of practical applications is intertwined with an off-hours love for theatre. Recent efforts to bridge the two include his development of a play based on his thesis work. In his spare time he enjoys reading, going on long hikes, and learning about the fascinating chemical biographies and histories that have come to define our society and planet. He is a fierce advocate for the dual practices of the principles of green chemistry alongside the biorefinery model in an effort to promote not just green science, but a truly sustainable world. In the coming year he plans to make a transition into post-doctoral studies in the field of biomass conversion furthering his work on heterogeneous catalysis, which has been a theme amongst his previous projects.

Aims and aspirations for role within NESSE

During my time at McGill University as an international student I had the pleasure and challenge of running a theatre group with a sizable ($40k) budget, which I managed first as the financial director, and then as the executive director. During my time in this position I increased profits and attendance, which is something I am excited to reprise as a board member of NESSE.

One estimable aspect of NESSE’s mission and aim is the focus on sustainable science, over say merely green chemistry. This move towards a wholly inclusive perspective allows for a wide breadth of scientists to congregate and work together, a necessary situation in this interdisciplinary age. As sustainability is a convolution of economics, social, and environmental factors, in the position of financial director my goal will be to focus on the economic, or financial sustainability of the organization, allowing for the continuation of it’s programming and outreach. Conveniently, as many industrial and academic organizations have a growing and vested interest in sustainable science, it should prove possible to grow ties between NESSE and these groups, hopefully winning if not financial assistance, materials or services which may also contribute to NESSE’s financial health.

Furthermore, just as NESSE strives to be holistic in their approach to global sustainability, as financial director I will strive to work in concert with the other executives and departments to allow for a sustainable organization. Beyond transparency, and open accounting, I will help provide for an atmosphere in which members would feel able to share their financial concerns during my tenure at NESSE.