Randomised coffee trials

NESSE wants to strengthen the connection and collaboration between its members, and is organising regular ‘randomised coffee-trials’.

coffee-cup-working-happyOnce per month you will have the opportunity to randomly connect to other NESSE members. Coffee-trials are face-to-face meetings where you can strengthen your network, discuss recent development in sustainable science and share your expertise and knowledge, or just get in contact with motivated and ambitious young sustainable scientists and engineers. They will work as follows:

  • Every month you get the opportunity to communicate with NESSE members from all over the world and to create a useful network for future research activities or career development.
  • Coffee-trials will be organized in such way that members with different backgrounds are connected.
  • NESSE aims on combining the ‘coffee-trials’ with a sustainability issue monthly published in the form of a blog article. You may use the announced sustainability issue as a basis for your conversation, but you’re not limited to it.
  • A software will randomly select pairs of participants.
  • You will get notified by mail about who is your coffee buddy and how you can get in contact with her or him.
  • In case you are located in the same area you may do the coffee-trials personally, otherwise Skype is an option.

If you are keen in participating in the “coffee-trials” please fill your name, institution, email address and background in the document below.

If you have any questions or problems email Daniel – research@sustainablescientists.org