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Meet our mentors from all over the globe with strong interested in sustainable science and engineering.

Whether you are considering taking or switching to an academic, industrial or entrepreneurial career path, or need help in navigating publishing process, resume evaluation or interviews, participating in the NESSE mentorship program may support you along your path. All of our mentors are volunteers and have different backgrounds, experiences and skills to share, eager to provide you guidance.

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Abubakar Abubakar Umar

Abubakar Abubakar UmarIpoh, Perak, Malaysia
Languages: English, Hausa, Arabic
Affiliation: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Academia
Background: Engineering
Main Interests:  Green economy & development, Fuels & Energy

Bio:  Abubakar Abubakar is a Petroleum Engineer by training, with Bachelor degree in Petroleum engineering (Nigeria), and MSc in Petroleum Engineering (Malaysia). He is currently a Graduate Assistant and PhD researcher in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia.

Aniefiok Okon  

Aniefiok OkonPort Harcourt,Rivers Satate, Nigeria
Language: English
Affiliation: University of Port Harcourt
Career Level: Early-career
Sector: Academia
Background: Biology & Biotech, Chemistry, Environmental science
Main Interests:  Science outreach & communication, Pollution prevention & remediation
Bio:  Aniefiok is a research assistant in Biochemistry Department at University of Port Harcourt. He has acquired B.Sc. in Biochemistry/Chemistry technology and M.Sc.in Nutrition/Toxicology He has attended and presented a paper at the international conferences. He is currently working on a number of articles to be published. His passion cuts across nutrition, environmental science and toxicology.

Anupam Mandloi

Anupam Mandloi.pngIndore, MP, India
Language: English
Affiliation: SAIT, INDORE
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Education / Academia
Background: Chemistry
Main Interests:  Science outreach & communication, Green economy & development, Pollution prevention & remediation, Fuels & Energy, Climate change
Bio:  Anupam is a Dean and Associate Professor at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore. He has obtained his M.Sc and PhD in Chemistry, and executive MBA Marketing from DAVV, Indore. Anupam has numerous publications and has written several books.

Bob Boughton

Sacramento, CA, USABob Boughton
Language: English
Affiliation: CA Department of Toxic Substances Control
Career Level: Senior Engineer
Sector: Governmental or public organization
Background: Environmental Engineering
Main Interests:  Safer products- reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.  Life Cycle Assessment. Ecosystem science

Bio: Bob Boughton is a senior engineer at the California Department of Toxic Substances Control under the Ca EPA. He has over 30 years of environmental engineering experience and has worked at DTSC for over ten years. Primary work there has involved the application of life-cycle assessment to quantify the impacts of alternative waste management options and applying life-cycle thinking and sustainability perspectives to state government programs. He is currently leading the development of the Alternatives Analysis Guidance for implementation of the Safer Products regulations within the Department’s Green Chemistry Initiative. He is a Life Cycle Assessment Certified Professional through the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, and is also a member of the ACLCA Advisory Council. He holds a MS degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and a BA degree in Chemistry from UC Irvine.

Christin Monroe

Christin MonroeNew Jersey, USA
Language: English
Affiliation: Princeton University
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Education / Academia
Background: Chemistry
Main Interests: Chemical manufacture, Science outreach & communication Biology & biotechnology, Green economy & development

Bio: Christin is a fourth year graduate student in the Chemistry department at Princeton University in the lab of Professor John T. Groves. Her research involves study of the mechanism and reactivity of recombinantly produced fungal heme-thiolate proteins. These enzymes are capable of performing a diverse array of direct and selective hydroxylation reactions under ambient conditions. Hydroxylation reactions represent a huge challenge to organic chemists due to the inherent low reactivity of un-activated C-H bonds. Christin’s interests lie in studying these enzymes to understand how the native enzymes work and how we can mutate them to further extend their relativities.

Cliff Coss

Cliff Photo 3Tucson, AZ, USA
Language: English
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Education, Academia, Research
Background: Chemistry

Bio:  Cliff received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Arizona, where he designed and optimized a patent-pending green technology for production of sugar-based materials. His technology resulted in the creation of a new startup company called GlycoSurf, where he is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. As a post-doctorate at the University of Arizona, Cliff also founded the Greening Research, Education and Environment Network (GREEN) in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. GREEN focuses on educating scientists about Green Chemistry and implementing green practices into their research. Cliff is currently developing GREEN into a non-profit organisation to educate young scientists in elementary, middle, and high school levels across Arizona.

Eucharia Nwaichi

Eucharia NwaichiPort Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
FLanguage: English
Affiliation: University of Port Harcourt
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Academia
Background: Biology & Biotech, Chemistry, Environmental science, Toxicology
Main Interests:  Science outreach & communication, Biology & biotech, Pollution prevention & remediation, Climate change

Bio:  Dr Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi was born to the family of late Sir Donatus Nwaichi of Abia State Nigeria. She holds B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in Biochemistry (Environmental and Toxicology option) and is a lecturer in the University of Port Harcourt Nigeria. Eucharia has Post Doc. experiences in Poland and United states. She has bagged several awards including UNESCO L’Oreal International Fellowship For Women in Science 2013 and runs Environmental consultancy among other developmental endeavors. She enjoys many professional affiliations, has presented many papers at important international conferences, and has several scholarly articles in indexed and peer – reviewed journals.

Filoklis Pileidis

Filoklis PileidisLondon, UK
Languages: Greek, English, German
Affiliation: Queen Mary University of London
Career Level: Early-career
Sector: Academia
Background: Environmental science
Main Interests:  Biomass & biorefinery, Fuels & Energy Policy & strategy, Green economy & development,

Bio:  Filoklis is a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. His research is in the field of hydrothermal upgrade of biomass into levulinic acid, a very important bio-based precursor for the production of value-added chemicals and fuels. He is looking into the liquid phase resulting upon hydrothermal process of biomass to identify the best conditions for a maximum yield of levulinic acid. At the same time he also characterizes the solid hydrothermal carbons (humins) resulting during biomass hydrothermal treatment.

Hari Randrianarisoa

Hari RQuebec, QC, Canada
Languages: English, French
Affiliation: Ressources Entreprises
Career Level: Senior
Sector: NGO
Background: Engineering, Physics & Maths
Main Interests:  Advanced materials, Green economy & development, Biomass & biorefinery, Fuels & Energy

Bio:  Hari Randrianarisoa is business advisor for Ressources Entreprises at Info-Conseil PME department. He holds a PhD in Engineering Science and has a strong knowledge in technology transfer. He is a Business Development professional with more than 12 years of related experience in academia and industry, focused on supporting innovative SME’s and R&D intensive companies in their technology development through research partnerships. Through program delivery and referrals to other funding opportunities and Research and Innovation stakeholders, he has contributed to the long-term sustainability and of many start-ups and SME’s in various sectors.

Heather Buckley

Heather BuckleyBerkeley, California, USA
Languages: English, intermediate French
Affiliation: Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, University of California Berkeley
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Academia
Background: Chemistry
Main Interests:  Chemical manufacture, Advanced materials, Science outreach & communication, Pollution prevention & remediation, Biomass & biorefinery, Fuels & Energy, Climate change

Bio:  Heather Buckley is a postdoctoral fellow at the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.  She grew up in Calgary, Canada and attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada for her bachelors’ and masters’ degrees with Prof. Jennifer Love.    Heather’s postdoctoral research and her PhD work both have included a strong focus in Green Chemistry and Alternative Energy.  Her previous work involved developing non-platinum catalysts for fuel cells, and her current work focuses on sustainable roofing materials for low-income housing in India.  Outside of research, Heather coaches high school ultimate Frisbee, windsurfs, climbs, and cycles.

Ivy Shiue

Ivy ShiueEdinburgh
Language: English
Affiliation: Heriot-Watt University
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Academia
Background: Engineering, Environmental science, Medical science, Social science, Toxicology
Main Interests:  Policy & strategy, pollution prevention & remediation, health and well-being
Bio:  Ivy comes from diverse backgrounds across medical, epidemiological, health, social, environmental, toxicological, psychological, biometeorological, educational and design sciences and building engineering. She has numerous education and research works in Austria, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Inner Mongolia, Scotland, Sweden, Taiwan and USA.

Joel Destino

JoelBuffalo, NY, USA
Language: English
Affiliation: SUNY-Buffalo
Career Level: Early-career
Sector: Academia
Background: Chemistry
Main Interests:  Advanced materials, Science outreach & communication, Policy & strategy, Pollution prevention & remediation

Bio:  Joel is currently a PhD candidate at the University at Buffalo (UB) studying analytical chemistry under the mentorship of Frank V. Bright. His thesis work is on applications of spectroscopy for the characterization of ecological friendly materials and the development of novel sensors and instrumentation for non-destructive analysis. Joel has been interested in green and sustainable chemistry for many years, as is also interested in science (and specifically) chemistry policy. His ‘formal training’ in green and sustainable science includes participation in the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy in 2013, and the Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI) Green Chemistry Workshop. 

Marcos Quintela Baluja

Marcos QuintelaNewcastle Upon Tyne
Language: English
Affiliation: Newcastle University
Career Level: Early-career
Sector: Academia
Background: Biology & Biotech
Main Interests:  Biology & biotech

Bio: Marcos obtained Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology, Master of Education (Specializing in experimental sciences) and Master of Science in Food Safety at University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Marcos then worked during two years as research staff at University of Santiago where he developed new methods to rapid and accurate detection of food spoilage and pathogenic bacteria (MALDI-TOF MS and Ligase Detections Reaction). Currently, he is working as Research Staff at Newcastle University, focusing on the Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) rates and mechanisms in wastewater biofilms, using molecular microbiological techniques (Genetic Engineering), and developing numerical models for predicting HGT across broader systems.

Mashallah Ali-Ahyaie

Mashallah Ali-AhyaieTehran, Iran
Languages: Persian, English
Affiliation: Self Employed
Career Level: Senior
Sector: Freelancer research and engineering
Background: Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industries, Renewable energies
Main Interests: Chemical manufacture, Policy & strategy, Green economy & development, Pollution prevention & remediation, Fuels & Energy, Renewable energies, Rainwater harvesting

Bio: Born in 1942, in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Iran, Mashallah Ali-Ahyaie studied chemical engineering with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tehran, graduating in 1965 with an MSc degree, with distinction. During his working career, he met diversified challenges in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries and engineering. While working as a researcher in field of renewable energy sources, he got involved in solar energy, which led him to positional astronomy and then to the history of science as well.

Further information on: http://linkd.in/1zoQMLC 

Murthy Konda

Murthy KondaSan Francisco Bay Area, CA
Language: English
Affiliation: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US DOE
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Governmental or public organisation, Education, Research
Background: Engineering
Main Interests:  Chemical manufacture, Science outreach & communication, Policy & strategy, Biology & biotechnology, Green economy & development, Pollution prevention & remediation, Biomass & biorefinery , Fuels & Energy

Bio: Dr. Murthy Konda is currently a Sr. Research Associate at Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). Prior to joining JBEI in 2013, he was a research fellow at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and worked as a research associate at Imperial College London. At Imperial, he worked in collaboration with the industrial partners including Shell and Scottish Power. He obtained PhD in Chemical Engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS). He has extensive experience in modeling, design, optimization and control of variety of energy systems including advanced biofuels, carbon capture in power plants and other industrial facilities, and petrochemical manufacturing processes.

Ranganath Shastri

Ranganath ShastriMetepec, Edomex, México
Languages: English, Spanish
Director of I+DT+I, Graham Packaging Plastics Products de México SA de CV
Founder & Managing Director, Plastics Solutions
Founder & Director General, Expert Plastics Solutions de Mexico SA de CV
Chief Technology Officer, Tecnotiferet SA de CV
Chief Technology Officer, Yesod Tecnologies SA de CV
Career Level: Senior
Sector: Private business
Background: B.E. Chemical engineering ;M.S. Chemical engineering, specializing in Plastics; Ph.D. in Materials Science, specializing in Plastics
Main Interests:  Advanced materials, Policy & strategy, Green economy & development

Bio:  Dr. Ranganath Shastri is a veteran of more than 35 years of experience in the global plastics industry including 21 years with The Dow Chemical Company specializing in New Products, Technology & Business Development, 7 years with CIATEQ, one of the leading research centers of the National Science & Technology Council in México (CONACYT) as Plastics Expert. Since 2012, he has been responsible for Research, Technology Development & Innovation (I+DT+i) at Graham Packaging Plastics Products de México. He is a Chemical Engineer with Doctorate in Materials Science from University of Cincinnati.Dr. Shastri is author of than 75 technical publications and holds 23 patents. He is a “Fellow” of the Society of Plastics Engineering in recognition of his technical contributions to the global plastics industry. He currently serves on the Editorial Board of International Journal of Plastics Technology and Journal of Testing & Evaluation.

Rogelio Cuevas

Rogelio CuevasToronto – London
Languages: English, Spanish
Affiliation: University of Western Ontario
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Academia
Background: Physics & Maths, Quantum chemistry
Main Interests:  Science outreach & communication, Data science/analysis

Bio:  Rogelio is an entrepreneurial and resourceful researcher with a polyvalent background. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics, physics and theoretical/computational chemistry. He is also currently pursuing a specialization in data science. Rogelio has vast experience in research, teaching, training and mentoring, which includes co-directing an undergraduate thesis. This includes teaching math and physics graduate and undergraduate courses and the mentoring graduate students to develop their networking skills and create career opportunities inside and outside of academia. He enjoys reading, dancing, playing squash and going out with friends.

Saskia van Bergen

Saskia VanBergenLacey, WA, USA
Language: English
Affiliation: Washington State Department of Ecology
Career Level: Intermediate
Sector: Governmental organization
Background: Chemistry
 Main Interests:  Science outreach & communication, Green economy & development, Pollution prevention & remediation, Biomass & biorefinery, Green Chemistry and Safer Alternatives

Bio: Saskia started working for Ecology in 2013 as a Green Chemistry Scientist where her main focus has been to help establish a technically strong and vibrant green chemistry program in Washington State. She is also serving as the Project Lead for the Advancing Green Chemistry Education Project as part of the Green Chemistry in Commerce Council and the Washington state member for the Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse. Previously, after working at Madis Botanicals and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Saskia worked as the research organic chemist at East Bay Municipal Utility District. There she researched and analyzed regulated and unregulated contaminants in drinking water, wastewater and San Francisco Bay sediments and served on the Emerging Contaminant Workgroup for the Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in the San Francisco Estuary. She also worked at Green River Community College where she developed and implemented ways to incorporate the principles of green chemistry into the chemistry department. Saskia has a B.A. in Chemistry from Vassar College and a M.S in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry from the University of California, Davis.

Sigrid Kusch

Sigrid KuschUlm, Germany
Languages: English, German
Affiliation: Independent Research Scientist and Engineer, University of Southampton, University of Padua
Career Level: Intermediate
Background: Engineering, Environmental science
Main Interests:  Green economy & development, Biomass & biorefinery, Fuels & Energy, Waste and Resources Management
Bio:  As an environmental engineer with focus on waste and resources management, and a specific interest in valorisation of biogenic resources, Sigrid has more than ten years of experience mainly from various positions with several academic institutions, but also from working on a freelance basis. During her doctoral time, Sigrid specialised in anaerobic digestion with biogas production, and gained her doctoral degree in 2007 based on research at laboratory and at full-scale. Among others, she has held the temporary position of substitute professor for ‘Waste Management’ at Technical University of Dresden from 2011 to 2012, became contract professor for ‘Sustainable and Renewable Resources’ at the University of Padua in 2014, and is a visiting researcher at the University of Southampton (‘Bioenergy and Organic Resources’) since 2009. Sigrid regularly serve as reviewer for publications and as evaluator of research proposals, and has served as guest editor for international journals.

Suzana Gueiros Teixeira

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish
Affiliation: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Career Level: Senior
Sector: Academia
Background: Engineering, Environmental science, Social science, Interdisciplinary, and Defense
Main Interests:  Policy & strategy, Green economy & development, Pollution prevention & remediation, Climate change, Sustainable Projects
Bio: Suzana is a professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro since the year of 1994, with research on an interdisciplinary strategic approach of sustainable attributes on the product development process as well as identification of needed strategies for sustainability implementation considering local perceptions and cultural bottlenecks. The introduction of an ecodesign, life cycle thinking insights and risk perception have been addressed either related to urban areas and irregular occupation in the city of Rio, as well as in the process of local consumer products analysis and design. Since the year of 2000 the research has been focused on green labels and sustainable attributes based on a multi-criteria approach to attend to local–global challenges. Other research areas of interest are related to Defense, Sustainability and Environmental Governance.

Tim Thomson

Greensboro, NC USA
Language: English
Career Level: Senior
Sector: Private business
Background: Chemistry
Main Interests: Chemical manufacture, Advanced materials, Biology & biotech, Pollution prevention & remediation

Bio:  Tim Thomson, MS, is the director of Main Street Technologies, with which he pursues his personal research goals. He was the Chief Technical Officer of Hydrophilix, Inc. Saco, ME, a technology-based firm specializing in the development of advanced medical devices, environmental remediation technologies and consumer products. He is known worldwide for his expertise in the development of a broad range of products based on hydrophilic polyurethane (HPUR). He has authored 4 books on the subject. Applications include the controlled release of scents and other consumer products. It was during his experiments with essential oils that he discovered the dipole-dipole interaction of HPUR and the oils. This has the effect of lowering the vapor pressure of the scent oils.

He has published a number of papers on the use of polyurethanes in medical and consumer applications. He has conducted sponsored seminars in the US and Europe on the medical applications of specialty polyurethanes. He has been an invited speaker to a number of conferences and seminar. Mr. Thomson began his career at Dow Chemical and held positions in manufacturing, research and technical support. He had assignments in the US and Europe. Since then he has been the research director at Rynel Ltd., Boothbay, Me, Founder and Director of Research at Hydrophilix, Saco, ME and the Director of Research at Rogers Foam in Boston. He holds 7 patents in synthetic chemistry and process control. He holds a Masters degree in Chemistry from Michigan Technological University His current activities include the application of polyurethane composites to the development of 3-dimensional scaffold for cell growth, (bacteria, plant and mammalian).