Mentorship Program

Welcome to the NESSE Mentorship Program. Our goal is to develop a vibrant and creative community of  early-career researchers and professionals interested in expanding their horizons. Through this program we hope to inspire and help you pursue a career in the field of green and sustainable science and engineering.

We know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the number of challenges and opportunities there are in the field of green science and sustainability. The objective of our mentorship program is to expand your field of vision and connect you with your peers and professionals in this field, who successfully streamlined and dedicated their talents to finding viable solutions to sustainability challenges. Whether you are considering taking or switching to an academic, industrial or entrepreneurial career path, there is always more you can learn about available options and roadmaps to achieve your goals.

Be a mentor to ….

  • inspire early-career scientists and engineers to carve a career path in the field of sustainability
  • provide guidance and direction
  • help mentees crystalize their aspirations and succeed in achieving them
  • pass on wisdom and show that making an impact is possible
  • plant seeds, see them grow  and flourish
  • get inspired by and learn from your peers or the new generation of scientists about new tools, trends, and ideas

Please share your skills, experience and knowledge by registering here to become a mentor.

Be a mentee to …

  • get inspired and boost your self-confidence
  • obtain guidance on structuring your career path in an effective way
  • get advice from seasoned professionals to avoid common errors
  • learn new skills and how you can make an impact in your field
  • get a new perspective on the challenges or opportunities you are facing
  • get help on your resume, reports, or grant applications
  • find reliable sources of information
  • learn how to succeed in your chosen career

Become a mentee by submitting your application here. Mentee applications are open year-round, please pay close attention to which mentors are currently available when indicating your top choice.

What to expect:

The mentorship relationship is expected to last 3-6 months during a period when mentees are looking for knowledge, guidance and encouragement to develop their passions. This is a two-way process and we believe that mentors will also greatly gain from the experience, to be inspired by and learn from other mentors and younger scientists and engineers. You are not obligated to end your mentoring relationship at the end of any time period or round, as you may choose to continue for as long as you prefer. Our mentorship program coordinator will be available to support you throughout the program.

The mentorship program process:

1. Members interested in becoming a mentee will submit their applications indicating top 3 mentors of interest.

2. Applications will be screened by Program Coordinators and sent to each mentor for review.

3. Program coordinator will connect mentors and mentees by email and provide support to establish your communication preference (Email, Skype, in person, etc.). We will also indicated on the website which mentors have been assigned and are not available.

4. The mentorship relationship is expected to last from 3 to 6 months, depending on your learning goals, but may continue for as long as you prefer.

5. As you complete your mentoring partnership, please notify us and confirm your interest in engaging with new mentor/mentee or become inactive. We will update mentors availability on the website.

6. We will then ask mentees and mentors to share their mentoring experience, provide feedback and suggestions.

Helpful documents: 

Mentoring Agreement

Mentoring Tips

If you have any questions about the application process or the mentorship program please contact the Program Coordinator at