Samson Alayande- Standing for Exective Director

Samson Alayande – Standing for the position of Executive Director 


Current Career Status: Faculty Member

Institution: First Technical University

Location:  Ibadan, Nigeria

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Background: Samson is a Senior Lecturer in Department of Industrial Chemistry, First Technical University, Ibadan, Nigeria. He was previously a research fellow in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He bagged his doctoral degree in Industrial Chemistry with specialization on Nanotechnology, he worked on sustainable management of crude oil spillage using nanoporous fibre. His research theme is “Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability”. He has worked extensively on developing re-use for polymer waste, nanostructuring of agricultural wastes into valuable materials, green synthesis of advance materials and sustainable chemistry. As a researcher, he has over forty publications and mentored several undergraduate and graduate students. He has patent on “crude oil adsorption and simultaneous oil recovery with electrospun fibre regeneration (International Publication Number of   WO 2018/055566 A1)   He has participated in several national and international projects on Sustainable Science such as development of nano-filter from bio-diversity as point-of-use water purifier, re-use of polymer waste as resistivity gas sensor, health impact of ceramic water filter in Eweje village, upcycling of PET bottles, green technology for monitoring of crop deterioration and capacity development on sustainable chemistry.  He has a patent on prototype for crude oil spillage management. He is a stakeholder on Sustainable Chemistry and has participated in several global programmes on Sustainable Chemistry. He is a member of several professional forum. He loves innovation, travelling, productive interaction, writing, investment and learning new things. He loves innovation, travelling, productive interaction, writing, investment and learning new things. He is currently Director of Finance and Funding for Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers.

Statement of Interest:

I wish to contest for the position of Executive Director to facilitate the following:

  • Recognition of NESSE as professional youth representative by notable global bodies
  • Facilitate partnership for regional multidisciplinary capacity building on Sustainability
  • Facilitate and promote support and start-up for innovative sustainability projects
  • Facilitate mentorship scheme with established Sustainable Scholars and Entrepreneurs
  • Motivate collaboration and joint projects among members
  • Work with all member of the board to achieve NESSE goal

How do you plan to support the mission and aims of NESSE in your position, if elected?

  • Ensure regular attendance of executive members
  • Global visibility and participation on Sustainable network
  • Devotion of four hours per week on NESSE issues
  • Interaction and follow-up on all NESSE corresponse
  • Regular link-up with all directors and ex-directors

How has your experience in networking organizations, international projects, or any other experience that has prepared you for serving on the Executive Board of NESSE?

  • NESSE Director of Finance and funding   2018-2020
  • Visiting Researcher, Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability, University of South Africa 2016-date
  • Stakeholder Sustainable Chemistry Forum 2018-date