Fadi Assad- Standing for Director of Membership Activities

Fadi Assad – Standing for the position of Director of Membership Activities 

Fadi AssadCurrent Career Status: PhD student 

Institution: University of Warwick

Location: United Kingdom

Country of Origin: Syria

Background: My research is about energy consumption in manufacturing systems with focus on assembly lines. Manufacturing is a major contributor to energy consumption and CO2 generation. Therefore, my research looks at the side of the system life cycle assessment where the CO2 can be eliminated. To achieve this, the recent digital manufacturing technologies will be employed to upgrade some previously existing technologies. My hobbies include chess oriental and classical music.



Statement of Interest: I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial Engineering and Master degree in Production Engineering. Currently I am working towards my PhD in the Automation Systems at Warwick Manufacturing Group- University of Warwick-UK.

I got to know NESSE the last year in the event that took place at Warwick which I attended with some colleagues. It was a great opportunity to explore other sustainability researchers’ research direction, and establish new connections in addition to the social networking.

In case I am elected, I would do my best to promote NESSE’s mission in the scientific circles, and establish good relations with the similar organisations. Also, getting more people to be involved by organising interesting events so that they join in the same way I did.

Prior to coming to UK, I was a research assistant/ lecturer engineer at University of Aleppo-Syria 2010-2016. At the same time, I was a member of the Industrial Engineering Department board in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Out of academia, I was a volunteer at the Christian Education where I supervised many groups of youth of different ages ranging from 15-23 years old. Our activities included camping, Christian catechism and Byzantine music teaching.