Eucharia Nwaichi

Candidate for Director of Membership Activities

EuchariaName: Dr Eucharia Nwaichi
Current Career Status: Faculty
Institution or Organisation Name: University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria


Dr. Eucharia Oluchi Nwaichi is a rare and exemplary alumna of
University Of Port Harcourt and has worked in diverse industries including Dangote group, Coca Cola, Shell Petroleum Development Company and currently lectures in the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Port Harcourt. As an Environmental consultant, she developed and initiated the environmental monitoring plan for a major FPSO facility among others. Eucharia never waits for a perfect condition to launch her pet – research studies geared at finding sustainable and safe clean up strategies for remediation of petroleum impacted environments, findings which are well consumed. Her wide affiliations and awards/ grants/ fellowships have brought distinction and enhanced the University’ reputation in the area or research, visibility and social responsibility to many of University’s host communities. Eucharia’s selfless and distinctive way of improving the lot of students has earned her successive awards from student bodies beyond her department. She has devoted most of her spare time to engaging host communities and ‘polluters’ for a more synergistic and sustainable success in the area of recovery of petroleum impacted environment, in spite of attendant security challenges in the zone. In doing this, she engages her students for hands – on mentoring. Her achievements have wide spread effect on capacity building among her peers and students. Passionate and resourceful Eucharia remains an inspiration and a role model for researchers within the University and beyond.

Aims and aspirations for role within NESSE

I would like to be considered for the subject position of Director of NESSE Membership Activities to enable me contribute to the goal of NESSE which include using collaborative and green approaches to science and technology to achieve a prosperous and sustainable future for all. Let me add that my personal interest in this job arises from an enduring commitment to providing an excellent professional preparation and life-changing experiences for future Scientists and Engineers in a friendly and welcoming community like NESSE.

Substantive knowledge and my understanding of my obligations to networks, societies, colleagues, collaborators, students, community/institution, government and society requires a strategized knowledge and skills in general science and administration with often eruptive sustainable Science and Engineering arena. My commitment is evident in every aspect of my record jobs, teaching, research, and cordination of R & D deliverables. NESSE has similar commitments, and is large enough to have impact which small enough to be agile and innovative. It is the perfect place for synergies of education, research, team building and excellence, and I believe I make a good fit here in line with your mision of preparing early career Scientists and Engineers towards a sustainable future in a multi-cultural nation and global community as well as collaborating to enhance the interdisciplinary activities, which I will bring to the table.

I am a founding member of Child Protection Network (CPN) in Nigeria and we have been around for five years, assessing, monitotoring and responding to Child protection issues. I am also a founding member of Toxicology unit of Department of Biochemistry of the University of Port Harcourt, Caritas Empowerment Initiative Development, Catholic Graduates Forum and many other ad hoc coalitions. I have actively partcipated in EU sponsored project EU Project CZ.3.22/1.22.00/12.03445 on ‘Risks and Benefits of Application of Exogenous Organic Matter, EOM on Soil: a case study of the Czech – Poland borderland. I have attracted and managed pretigious UNESCO Loreal FWIS International Fellowship, Commonwealth International Fellowship and Commonwealth Science Follow–on–grant. I have been funded variously by World Intellectual Property Organization, Third World Academy of Science, International Center for Theoretical Physics, e.t.c. to undergo professional and leadership training among others. My experience as academic Advisor to numerous Graduate and Undergraduate students cannot be shoved aside as I cluster them often to deliver interdisciplinary projects, giving me an advantage in cordinating persons of diverse culture, fields, race, colour, religion e.t.c.