BFFM 2015 Bio-Based Economy Workshop

Have you been hearing a lot about the bio-economy, but are unclear about what that means? Doing research related to bio-refinery, but not sure how to communicate it? The BFFM 2015 (Biorefinery for Food, Fuels, and Materials) Young Scientists Team has organized a workshop for you!

Young Scientist Workshop:
Your Future in the Bio-based Economy

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On June 17th in Montpellier, France, within the context of the international congress “Biorefinery for Food, Fuel, and Materials”, this free workshop will be dedicated to early-career scientists—researchers, economists, engineers, and more, from Ph.D.,to postdoctoral levels. This event, chaired by Damien Conaré, member of the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, will introduce topics related to the bio-based economy and discuss its future. Some highlights include:

  • Special guest experts in the bio-based society community:
    • Rintu Banerjee (India), Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
    • Istvan Kenyeres (Hungary), Founder of the BIOPOLUS Alliance
    • Stephen Miller (USA), Professor at the University of Florida and CTO of US BIOPLASTICS
    • Maarten Van Schie (Netherlands), Assistant Editor at Biobased Press
  • An interactive, dynamic, and informative forum to exchange experiences, best practices, and ideas around the question: “How can young scientists transmit and promote their research work in the bio-economy context in order to contribute to the science and innovation agenda of the future?”
  • A surprise visit to an exciting site!

This free workshop is limited to 50 people, so register now at if you want to visit Montpellier in mid-June and learn about the bio-based economy!

BFFM Workshop LogoThe Organizing Team

Antonella Marone and Lucile Chatellard
Laboratory of Biotechnology of the Environment (LBE-INRA)

Marianne Joubert, Aida Nasiri, Bettina Bellocq, Chutima Aphibanthammakit, Santi Chuetor
Engineering of Agro-polymers and Emergent Technologies (IATE-CIRAD)

Guillaume Billerach, Laurent Roumeas, Mamou Diallo
Science for the Oenology (SPO-INRA)

Léo-Paul Varus
University of Southampton

with support from Veronique Planchot and Hugo de Vries

contributed by Antonella Marone