Past Executive Team members

Thank you to all of our previous Executive Committee members

Cliff Photo 3Cliff Coss | Co-Founder and Finance Director | 2013 – 2015

Cliff received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Arizona, where he designed and optimized a patent-pending green technology for production of sugar-based materials. His technology resulted in the creation of a new startup company called GlycoSurf, where he is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. As a post-doctorate at the University of Arizona, Cliff also founded the Greening Research, Education and Environment Network (GREEN) in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. GREEN focuses on educating scientists about Green Chemistry and implementing green practices into their research. Cliff is currently developing GREEN into a non-profit organisation to educate young scientists in elementary, middle, and high school levels across Arizona. Cliff brings these chemistry and business skills to NESSE to assist in creating a global medium to educate and promote greening and green awareness.


OxanaOxana Shibaeva | Co-Founder Mentorship Program Coordinator | 2013 – 2015

Oxana strives to inspire and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of sustainability. Currently, she is a Technology, Engineering and Management (TEAM) Program Associate at Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada). TEAM program brings together 4th year undergraduate students in engineering, commerce, and law to form teams that will serve to help industrial clients solve challenging real-world problems as they work together on an 8-month project. Oxana recently graduated with a MASc. degree in polymer engineering at Queen’s University. Her professional experience includes consulting in obtaining SR&ED funding for various industrial sectors (e.g. nanotechnology, metal fabrication, and manufacturing), process engineering in pharmaceutical industry and process optimization in medical industry. She was also a co-organizer and a Finance Lead of the first Canadian national water research conference, 2014 Water Initiative for the Future (WatIF), an emerging movement of early water leaders in Canada.

Anna IvanovaAnna Ivanova | Director of Marketing and Communications |  2014 – 2015

Anna is a green chemist with a particular interest in sustainable consumer products and affordable, functional green solutions. When she’s not coordinating NESSE’s communications, she works for the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council in Lowell, MA on projects to accelerate the adoption of green chemistry in industry. Anna recently graduated Carnegie Mellon with her master’s degree, after developing simple ionic liquid mixtures for carbon capture in collaboration with the DOE.

 Melanie Mastronardi | Co-Founder & Events Co-ordinator | 2013 – 2015Melanie Mastronardi

Melanie is currently pursuing her PhD in Polymers and Materials Chemistry at the University of Toronto.  Her research involves the synthesis, size-separation and characterization of silicon nanocrystals, which have the potential to be one of the most attractive and environmentally-friendly nanomaterials due to the abundance, low cost and minimal toxicity of silicon.  In 2012, she co-founded the Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI), a student-run organisation that aims to promote the use of green chemistry and sustainable practices within the chemistry community at the University of Toronto.  During her time as chair of the GCI, she helped develop several key initiatives including an annual green chemistry workshop, a chemical waste reduction campaign, and an online video campaign to illustrate the principles of green chemistry to a general audience.

Savannah SullivanSavannah Sullivan | Strategy Development | Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

Savannah is currently a research associate at the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI) in Washington, DC, USA, where she works primarily with the Research & Innovation and the Business & Industry programs. Prior to ACS GCI, she was a chemistry & economics research contractor for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics and Office of Climate Change & Water Program. Savannah has an interdisciplinary background in economics, environment, and chemistry with experience in industry, community organizing, and government. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2011, where she received an American Public Power Association Scholarship and Joyce Gorn Prize for her work on the City of Oberlin’s Climate Action Plan.

Michael NechayevMichael Nechayev | NESSE Groups Support | Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

Michael is currently completing his degree in chemistry, with a focus in organometallics, from the University of California, Berkeley. His research aims to develop metal catalysts from more inexpensive and abundant early transition metals to achieve crucial transformations such as nitrogen fixation and dehalogenation. He has been active in his undergraduate community as a tutor and peer adviser, and is currently developing a lab mentoring program to give younger students hands-on experience with real laboratory technique, and introduce them to how green chemistry principles are applied directly in the research world. Michael’s goal is to encourage green chemistry education as early in a scientist’s career as possible, and to promote interdisciplinary discussion at an undergraduate level.

Giulia PaggiolaGiulia Paggiola | Membership Engagement | Aug 2014 – Feb 2015

Giulia is an Italo-Brazilian Ph.D. student in green chemistry with a strong drive for promoting sustainable development in industry and society. In her postgraduate research at the University of York (UK), she has explored new bio-platform molecules and collaborated with pharmaceutical corporations urging the adoption of renewable solvents in drug manufacture. Having initiated and fostered a collaboration with the environmental think-tank SEI, Giulia’s expertise developed to cover science policy and business strategy within the wider framework of developing a global green economy.