Our Values

Our values are driven by the desire to empower early-career scientists to tackle today’s environmental and energy challenges, and move towards a sustainable future.

Solution-oriented, optimistic, and pragmatic
We are conscious of the environmental and energy challenges facing our planet. We view these challenges as opportunities and are optimistic that together we can find viable solutions.

Every scientist can be a sustainable scientist
We believe the most effective path to change is to work with scientists and engineers where they are, and support small steps as well as large leaps towards the common goal of a sustainable future.

Scientists as citizens
We promote the idea of scientists and engineers as citizens with a sense of responsibility to use their knowledge and skills to better serve our global society.

Active contribution and participation
We encourage all members to meaningfully contribute to the knowledge base of the network and engage with the greater community.

Collaborative rather than competitive
The challenges we face are beyond the scope of individuals alone to address, so we encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration in order to more effectively develop innovative and resilient solutions.

Embracing diversity of people and opinions
Diversity of background and opinion is vital for a healthy and sustainable scientific community. We welcome scientists from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, creed, disability, socioeconomic status, etc.

A holistic and global approach to sustainability
A sustainable future requires a flourishing ecosystem, a healthy and balanced society, and a prosperous responsible economy. We view technology as a key part of this vision, but it is vital for scientists and engineers to be aware of broader sustainability issues and incorporate them into their work.