Executive Board

NESSE is co-ordinated by an Executive Board of seven dedicated early-career sustainable scientists and engineers who are excited about building a powerful and creative community. Click on the photos below to read more about them.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the NESSE teams by writing blogs, supporting our groups, helping with research and fundraising. To get involved email the Directors below, info@sustainablescientists.org or look at the volunteers page.

If you’d like to be on the Board, read about our elections process.

Executive Directors

Dr. Samson Alayande  Executive Director  2019-2021
Dr. Samson Alayande

Career Status: Faculty Member
Institution: First Technical University
Location:  Ibadan, Nigeria
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Brief bio sketch: Samson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Industrial Chemistry, First Technical University, Ibadan, Nigeria. He was previously a research fellow at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. He bagged his doctoral degree in Industrial Chemistry with specialization on Nanotechnology, he worked on sustainable management of crude oil spillage using nanoporous fiber. His research theme is “Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability”. He has worked extensively on developing re-use for polymer waste, nanostructuring of agricultural wastes into valuable materials, green synthesis of advanced materials, and sustainable chemistry. As a researcher, he has over forty publications and mentored several undergraduate and graduate students. He has a patent on “crude oil adsorption and simultaneous oil recovery with electrospun fiber regeneration (International Publication Number of   WO 2018/055566 A1)   He has participated in several national and international projects on Sustainable Science such as the development of nano-filter from bio-diversity as a point-of-use water purifier, re-use of polymer waste as resistivity gas sensor, the health impact of ceramic water filter in Eweje village, upcycling of PET bottles, green technology for monitoring of crop deterioration and capacity development on sustainable chemistry.  He has a patent on the prototype for crude oil spillage management. He is a stakeholder on Sustainable Chemistry and has participated in several global programs on Sustainable Chemistry. He is a member of several professional forums. He loves innovation, traveling, productive interaction, writing, investment, and learning new things. He loves innovation, traveling, productive interaction, writing, investment, and learning new things. He is currently Director of Finance and Funding for Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers. Contact Samson by email: executivedirector@sustainablescientist.org

Dr. Natalie O’Neil

Current Career Status: Higher Education Program Manager 
Institution Name: Beyond Benign 
Location: Schenectady, NY USA
Brief bio sketch:
I earned my Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University at Albany in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Chemistry from Western New England University. During my graduate studies, I felt that the topics of sustainability, toxicology, and environmental hazards were missing from the traditional graduate chemistry curriculum. Therefore, I pursued a one-year certification in Green Chemistry and Chemical Stewardship, attended the American Chemical Society (ACS) Green Chemistry & Sustainable Energy Summer School, and became actively involved in the NESSE. Doing work (if you can even call it that) for NESSE is a large part of my life and keeps me empowered as well as inspired to be one of many in a global movement of young professionals working on or interested in solutions to today’s most pressing sustainability challenges. I served at Utica College as both an adjunct and Assistant Professor of Chemistry from 2015-2019, introducing green chemistry to both major and non-major courses. I left Utica College to follow my passion, teaching, and empowering the next generation of scientists to use sustainable approaches through green chemistry at Beyond Benign. In my free time I enjoy time with my dog and husband, hiking, cooking, Pilates or yoga, and traveling. Contact Natalie by email: natalie.oneil@ sustainablescientists.org

Director of Marketing & Communications

Juliana Vidal

Current Career Status: Graduate Student
Institution Name: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Location: St. John’s, NL, Canada
Brief bio sketch:
My interest in sustainable science begun during my undergraduate studies, where I started to get concerned with the negative perspective believed by the general public with respect to Chemistry. I was decided to change this point of view, do my part in taking care of the planet, and this led me to specialize in green chemistry. My undergraduate research involved the sustainable recovery of residues, and my Master’s work involved the treatment of environmentally harmful solutions. Currently, I am in the 2nd year of my Ph.D. studies in the Green Chemistry and Catalysis Group at Memorial University of Newfoundland. In my research, I am investigating the use of biochar (a bio-based waste material and an important tool for carbon dioxide sequestration) in catalysis and in materials science. During my free time, I love watching movies, playing videogames, hiking, and spending time with my friends, my husband, and my beautiful and crazy dog. Contact Juliana by email: communication@sustainablescientists.org or at blog@sustainablescientists.org

Director of Membership Activities

Fadi Assad

Current Career Status: Ph.D. student final year
Institution Name: University of Warwick
Location: United Kingdom
Brief bio sketch: My research is about energy consumption in manufacturing systems with a focus on assembly lines. Manufacturing is a major contributor to energy consumption and CO 2 generation. Therefore, my research looks at the side of the system life cycle assessment where the CO2 can be eliminated. To achieve this, the recent digital manufacturing technologies will be employed to upgrade some previously existing technologies. My hobbies include chess oriental and classical music. Contact Fadi by email: membership@sustainablescientists.org

Director of Research

Sunitha Anup 
Director of Research 
Sunitha Anup

Current Career Status: Graduate Student
Institution Name: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Brief bio sketch: An outgoing, hardworking, and fast-learning person with high analytical skills and research acumen. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Kerala, Masters in Electrical Power Systems from the University of Mumbai, and a PG Diploma in Instructional Design from Symbiosis Institute, Pune. Presently, I am a research scholar in IIT Delhi in the field of energy. I volunteered to be part of the NESSE to contribute to my dream of a future world filled with wellness feeling and a sustainable environment. I strongly believe that the wisdom of mankind should be collaboratively used for the coexistence of our biosphere. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and going to marathons with my family. Contact Sunitha by email: research@sustainablescientists.org

Executive Board Support

Catherine Tran

Current Career Status: Entry-level position, Manufacturing Technician
Institution Name: Intel Corporation
Brief bio sketch: Currently I assist with product development and manufacturing operations for my team at Intel and have only recently joined the company. I am looking into career growth in technical development and/or CSR where possible in the future. Within the sustainable development realm, I’m interested in learning more about supply chain, recycling and social complexities of technological development, but have an affinity to be enthusiastic about anything materials science-related and/or sustainability-related. I also have a passing interest in linguistics and history (particularly in archives and museum objects), and enjoy taking photos wherever I explore. What is important for me is that despite ending up being directly part of work that may be much less actively focused in sustainability, there is somewhere elsewhere that I can connect and reconnect with that is.Contact Catherine by email: info@sustainablescientists.org

Thank you to all of our previous Executive Committee Members!

Tammy Puryicky Director of Marketing & Communications 2017-2019
Dr. Alexandra Hicken Executive Director 2017-2019 alex.hicken@sustainablescientists.org
Dr. Alexandra Hicken | Executive Director 2017-2019
Felipe Cicaroni Fernandes | Director of Membership Activities 2017-2019
Erika Daley – Director of Sustainable Science Groups
Felipe Cicaroni Fernandes | Director of Membership Activities 2017-2019
Tabitha Petchey | Executive Board Support 2016-2018
Tabitha Petchey Executive Board Support 2016-2018
Daniel Pleissner | Director of Research 2016-2017
Daniel Pleissner
Director of Research 2016-2017
Luciana Miu | Director of Sustainable Science Groups 2016-2018
Luciana Miu Director of Sustainable Science Groups 2016-2018
Dr Norman Spencer | Director of Membership Activities 2015-2017 | membership@sustainablescientists.org
Dr Norman Spencer | Director of Membership Activities 2015-2017 |
Dr Jennie Dodson Executive Director 2013-2017
Dr Cristiano Varrone | Director of Research 2015-2017
Dr Cristiano Varrone Director of Research 2015-2017
Julian Silverman Finance Director 2015-16
Dr. Julian Silverman Finance Director 2015-2016
Laura Hoch - Director of Sustainable Science Groups 2014-2016
Laura Hoch
Director of Sustainable Science Groups
Cliff Photo 3
Dr. Cliff Coss Finance Director 2014 -2015
Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova | Director of Communications| 2014 – 2015
Oxana Shibaeva Mentorship Program Coordinator
2013 – 2015
Melanie Mastronardi
Melanie Mastronardi | Events Co-ordinator | 2014 – 2015
Savannah Sullivan
Savannah Sullivan Strategy Development Aug 2014 – Feb 2015
Giulia Paggiola
Giulia Paggiola | Membership Engagement | Aug 2014 – Feb 2015
Michael Nechayev
Michael Nechayev | NESSE Groups Support | 2014 – 2015