70 ways to Reuse Plastics at Home

Editor’s Note: NESSE were recently informed about an infographic created by CF Kunststoffpnofile in the Netherlands explaining how plastics can be reused in the home

The use of plastic is still increasing – you can use it for everything. Plastic is light, strong and durable but there is also a great disadvantage about plastic. There is for example about 5 to 8 million tons of dumped plastic found in the ocean every year. It is obvious that this large amount of waste has a very negative impact on the environment. So what can you do about it?

CF Kunststoffprofile created an infographic with 70 ways to reuse plastic products at home. CF Kunststoffprofile is a manufacturer of custom made plastic profiles. This company is committed to protecting the environment. They take their responsibility by recycling used profiles if this is possible. Profiles which can not be internally recycled go to an external recycle partner. And now they also created this infographic for you, so you can help protect the environment as well! Have fun with protecting our environment.