Member Spotlight

Natalie O’Neil (@natjoneil)
Executive Director, NESSE
Higher Education Program Manager, Beyond Benign

What is an interesting fact about yourself?
I garden and raise chickens, ducks and geese on 1 acre with my husband and dog.

Why did you become a NESSE member?
Membership was recommended to me by conference leaders at the 2019 ACS GC&E conference.

What do you think the future will look like?
I think the future looks like people acting locally while thinking globally and doing so across disciplines to solve global challenges. Everyone has a part to play in creating our sustainable future.

How do you think you will contribute to the future through sustainable science?
I am an educator, sharing what I know, I am the last mile of connectivity. My mission is to get information and opportunities from the leaders in the field of Green Chemistry to the next generation and to those that want to join the community in practicing sustainability through chemistry. If we want to create a sustainable future we need to do it at the molecular level with chemists who are trained to think about human health and environmental impacts before they enter a laboratory or design a chemical synthesis. We then need to share this with the community at large, something I strive to do more of.