Building Sustainability into Science & Engineering Curricula

To build a more sustainable society we need science and engineering graduates with the skills and knowledge to develop new innovative technologies and the holistic understanding about their environmental, social and economic impacts. University education has a key role to play in developing these skills.

This project aims to understand:

  • Which universities have embedded sustainability within their chemistry and engineering courses?
  • What were the drivers to embed aspects of sustainable within courses and what have the challenges been?
  • What impact have these had on students understanding of sustainability and the effect on their future career decisions?

The project will produce a report that lays out an overview of the successes as well as the challenges that the universities face in embedding sustainability into their chemistry and engineering curricula and produce a guide outlining steps that would enable Higher Education Insitutions and partners to institutionalise sustainability across all STEM disciplines and into the overall student experience.

Can you help?

  • Can you provide information and do on-the-ground research and interviews about your university and whether and how it has embedded sustainability aspects within its chemistry and engineering courses?
  • Could you help analyse the data we gather to write the research report?
  • Could you sponsor the research, could you provide connections for promoting its

If you want to help with the project contact Sorina Antonescu who is conducting the research: sorina_antonescu ‘at’

About Sorina

Sorina 2During the course of her degree in English Language and Linguistics at the University of York, Sorina  developed a pervasive and long-term interest in sustainability and sustainable development, particularly in the context of Higher Education Institutions. Sorina is contributing to the York St. John’s University Social Economy in Higher Education project and was an intern at Envirocrew CIC and a contributing writer for the University of York magazine, Chemistry Review. Sorina is a holistic thinker who views education as the key medium through which individuals are able to proactively work towards enabling system-wide changes for a more sustainable, and more equitable society.