NESSE Elections

The 2018 executive board election process is now underway! 

NESSE is run by an Executive Board of eight dedicated volunteers. Half of the Board is elected each year for a two year term starting at the beginning of September. Here is this year’s application form – Application_Form_2018, please read the following information thoroughly and submit your completed form to by 6th July 2018.

Election 2018

What Exectuive Board Positions are up for Election in 2018? 

Executive Director

The Executive Director role requires keeping an overview of all of the different areas of NESSE work, developing and leading NESSE’s strategy and developing new opportunities by seeking out partnerships with new organisations. The executive director should both lead and develop the vision of NESSE whilst enabling Director’s to have the opportunity and space to develop their own areas of work. 

Director of Sustainable Science Groups

This role is dedicated to engaging with and supporting NESSE’s global network of local Sustainable Science Groups. Primary responsibilities include helping new NESSE Groups become established in their local communities, facilitating interaction between NESSE Groups, and creating and curating resources as needed to support all NESSE Groups as they engage with their local communities about sustainable science. This position is ideal for someone with previous experience of running a local group, who is enthusiastic, supportive, enjoys meeting new people (virtually) and loves sharing ideas.

Director of Finance & Fundraising

The Finance and Fundraising Director is responsible for managing the finances and accounts for NESSE. This includes keeping up-to-date financial records, writing grant applications, organising sponsorship and fundraising and developing the yearly budget. This is a great role for someone who is keen to gain experience in writing grants, is a great communicator (you’ll need to be able to tell people how great NESSE is!) and has an eye for detail.

Executive Board Support

This person supports the NESSE Executive Board across all the different teams. Key tasks include organising board meetings, keeping track of organisational tools and being the first point of contact via the info@sustainablescientists email account. This is an ideal role for someone who is well-organised and keen to be a key nuts and bolts figure within NESSE.


Details for the Executive Board Elections 2018

How does the Executive Board operate?

The NESSE Executive Board is responsible for setting out the vision and priorities of the organisation, developing new projects and  working closely with our partners to help all of our members.

The Board is distributed globally so we work together online via skype calls and using an online organisational tool (Asana) to manage projects and activities between meetings.

Our general requirements, regardless of position, are:

  • You need to be a current NESSE early-career member. You can join for FREE here.
  • You need to be passionate about sustainability, and agree with our mission, vision, and values.
  • You need to be able to commit time to the organisation. To be effective, most positions require 5-10hrs/week on average.
  • Self-motivation is important for the digital environment that we work in.

The key roles and responsibilities of the Executive Board are:

  • Taking joint responsibility for managing the financial and legal responsibilities of NESSE
  • Maintaining active communication with the rest of the Board, external stakeholders and volunteers including checking and using our online project management system 3-4 times per week (Asana)
  • Attending 1-2h Executive Board meetings every two weeks and twice yearly half day online strategy planning sessions
  • Developing the strategy and activities of your particular area of responsibility and leading the activities
  • Recruiting and managing a team of members responsible for specific tasks related to your area of work
  • Bringing to the Board new strategies and proposals
  • Writing detailed handover notes and give full in person handover to new Director
  • Communicating any periods of absence or reductions in workload to Executive Director


How do I apply to be on the Executive Board?

Any self-defining early-career member of NESSE can stand for election to the Executive Board. Prospective candidates can submit a candidacy for one specific position on the Board.

In order to stand for election, you must complete and submit an official application for candidacy for the desired position. The application must include a biography, past experience, your goals for the position and two professional references. Those standing for the Executive Director position will also need to submit a 2 min video answering a specific set of questions. The information within your application will be distributed via NESSE’s social networking platforms, website and email system.

Here is this year’s application form – Application_Form_2018, please submit your completed form to by 6th July 2018

What is the timeline and process for the elections?

Election Timeline in 2018

28th May – 6th July: Applications open for submission
16th July- 27th July: Election promotions and online discussion with candidates for all NESSE members to take part in.
23rd July- 27th July: Voting by NESSE members!
1st August: Announcement of results
1st August- 1st September: Handover and start of new Board members terms

Election process
All members will be informed of the election at least one month prior to the election opening. Information about people standing for election will be posted prior to the election opening. All elections are to be carried out via a suitable electronic system. The voting period shall open on the 23rd July and close by 11:59pm ET on 27th July. In the event of a system failure, the election period shall be extended by a maximum of seven days.

During this two week elections period an online meeting, twitter discussion, or some other means of online communication, will be held to enable members to learn more about the people standing for positions and to ask questions of them. The webinar will involve NESSE members or previous Board members talking about different positions, what they do, what they think they need rather than a combative hustings. A twitter/facebook/webinar discussion may be run for all candidates.

All registered early-career members of NESSE can vote for one candidate within each position up for election. The voting system will be the Condorcet voting system. In the event of a mathematical tie, a runoff election between the two candidates must occur the following week.

Frequently asked questions

How many members does the NESSE Executive Board have?

The Executive Board consists of 8 members.

Who is eligible to run for the NESSE Executive Board?

Any self-defining early-career member of NESSE can stand for election to the Executive Board. Past Executive Board members are eligible to run for up to three two year terms in total as long as they fit the other eligibility criteria.

Who elects the Executive Board?

The Executive Board is elected by the early-career members of NESSE.

How long is a term on the Executive Board?

Exex Board Directors are elected for two years from September 1 to August 31st two years later.

How does the Executive Board conduct meetings?

The Executive Board usually meets once or twice a month online via Skype. In between, the Executive Board Directors are in regular contact using our online management tool, Asana, and via email. In the future we would like to schedule one in-person meeting at the beginning of the term, to help all outgoing and incoming Executive Board to get to know each other and develop strategy, but this will depend on Board member availabilities and funding. We also try to arrange meetings with Executive Board Directors at larger conferences that we know a few of us will attend.

If you have any questions about the Executive Board positions or the elections please contact