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We are a movement of scientists and engineers connecting to tackle global sustainability challenges. Join the NESSE community to network, learn and share knowledge and resources.

The 2019 Executive Board election process is now underway!

NESSE elections 2019

Election Timeline in 2019:

23rd June- 9th August: call for applications for  open positions in the 2019 election

Applications will be accepted until August 9th

10th August- 24th August: Election promotions and online discussion with candidates for all NESSE members to take part in. Voting by NESSE members!
After 25th of August: Announcement of results

Election process
All members will be informed of the election at least one month prior to the election opening. Information about people standing for election will be posted prior to the election opening. All elections are to be carried out via a suitable electronic system. The voting period shall open on the 10th August and close by 11:59pm PST on 24th August.

Upcoming activities:

  • Join our new Randomised Coffee Trials! Connect with new sustainable scientists around the world and build your network. Sign-up here.
  • Become a NESSE reporter! Are you going to a sustainable science conference? Share what happens and gain science communication experience as a NESSE reporter. Email communication@sustainablescientists.org
  • Be a Conference Ambassador – Sign up to our google calendar and add events you are attending, invite your colleagues and find out who is already attending the conference from the NESSE community.

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2018 GCand T

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