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Nicola - University of York

Nicola – University of York

We are a movement of scientists and engineers connecting to tackle global sustainability challenges. Join the NESSE community to network, learn and share knowledge and resources.


Upcoming activities:

  • Represent NESSE at the International Symposium of Green Chemistry (ISGC), to be held in La Rochelle, France from 13-17 May 2019. Gain experience in the organisation of a flagship international conference in sustainable science, gain experience in event organising and gain free entrance to this fantastic conference! Learn more here! 
  • Join our new Randomised Coffee Trials! Connect with new sustainable scientists around the world and build your network. Sign-up here.
  • Become a NESSE reporter! Are you going to a sustainable science conference? Share what happens and gain science communication experience as a NESSE reporter. Email communication@sustainablescientists.org
  • Be a Conference Ambassador – Sign up to our google calendar and add events you are attending, invite your colleagues and find out who is already attending the conference from the NESSE community.

We’re a fast-growing organization. Join the NESSE community:

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Our Conference Partners

We are very proud to be selected as a media partner for the following conferences:

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2018 GCand T

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The Network of Early-career Sustainable Scientists and Engineers (NESSE) is a project of 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, Empowerment WORKS (www.empowermentworks.org). All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Everyone involved in the network is a volunteer so 100 % of your donation will go to developing the work and activities of NESSE.